Custom 4-Spider Hardened Chromoly Cross-Shaft and 4-Spider Center Differential Services



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This custom cross-shaft is designed by Beyond Redline Performance and is used in our Heavy Duty 4-spider center differential upgrade for the DSM AWD 5-speed transmission.

It is forged 4340 chromoly tool steel that is machined from an ingot by a 5-Axis CNC Mill, then oil-grooved, shot-peened, heat-treated and carbonized. Rockwell hardness is around 60-62. That results in an approximate tensile strength around 115,000-120,000psi. It is essentially classified as a hardened tool steel part.

It is by far the strongest cross-shaft on the market for these vehicle applications and provides owners with complete streetability on high-horsepower AWD applications.  Instead of machining down the stock cross-shaft to accept 4 spider gears, this part started from scratch with better material, a beefier structure, surface hardening, and oil passage grooves on its posts to provide proper oiling to the spider gears to prevent surface galling.

The Beyond Redline Performance cross-shaft has been proven to hold over 1000HP and 950TQ at the crank on my race car for the last 8 years without signs of galling or damage.  It has been proven on the race track, the street, and the dyno to survive the harshest conditions without failure.

This part is available for customers that have their transmissions at our shop for service or rebuilds or when the customer ships their complete functional center differential assembly in for the associated machine work to the center differential case and center differential cover to accept the Torrington Bearing Modification and the heavy-duty cross-shaft.

For 4-spider center differential service options, there now is only one choice; send us your good condition core center differential with no damage to the housing insides, housing outer gear, or the pinion gearset and spider gears.  The CORE option will reuse your housing and spider gears.
The entire brand new center differential is no longer available because the center differential housings are discontinued for all versions.

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Cross-Shaft ONLY (Part Only), 4-Spider Conversion on your GOOD Center Differential Core (Service Only)


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