Bead Blasting Services

Aluminum oxide, Glass media, and Plastic media blasting services available.

TMZ Performance has access to several large abrasive blasting cabinets with several media types to choose from.

  • Glass Bead Abrasive Media – Predominantly used on aluminum to remove oxidation and residual contaminants on the surface after an item has been properly degreased.  The process also removes light burrs and die-cast flash leaving a smooth bright satin finish.  The benefit to using Glass Bead is that it does not change the surface dimensions of a part.  Bead blasting using glass bead also produces a much smoother and brighter finish than angular abrasives and aluminum oxide.  This media is used on all of our transmission rebuilds that include media blasting in the rebuild options.
  • White Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Media – Predominantly used for paint stripping and surface preparation, aluminum oxide abrasive media is extremely effective at pressure plate friction surfaces, flywheel friction surfaces, cleaning engine cylinder heads, valves, pistons, forged aluminum, forged steel, cast iron, steel, chromoly steel, etc.  Its ability to remove built-up powder-coating, paint, and carbon deposits makes it a good choice on hard-surface parts.  Aluminum Oxide is more abrasive than Glass Bead.  This media is used on all of our transmission rebuilds that have a coarse casting finish naturally, or are being prepared for custom paintwork.
  • Acrylic Plastic Bead Abrasive Media – Predominantly used for the most sensitive surfaces, it provides a good stripping rate while not affecting the surface dimensions of the part, and is non-etching.  This media is especially used on throttle bodies so that it doesn’t damage the bore, the shaft or the throttle plates, while removing a safe amount of oxidation and carbon deposits.  Typically, this process results in a finish brightness that is lesser than Glass Bead, but it is safer to use on parts that have tight tolerances to keep.

Typically, pricing for these services are done on a customer-to-customer basis, as each specific application will vary.  Current pricing is $4.00 per minute for all bead blasting services.

  • On average, most fully disassembled transmission cases cost approximately $75.00 – 125.00 for bead blasting as this covers the material costs for hot-tanking or chemically washing the part beforehand to remove any grease, oil or excessive oxidation, the bead blasting process, and then cleaning the product thoroughly after the bead blasting process.
  • These services are great for cleaning up the engine components, driveline or suspension parts, or anything that needs anodizing, paint or powder coating preparation.

The bead blasting cabinets have a enclosure size of:

  • Aluminum Oxide: 4ft deep * 6ft wide * 4ft tall
  • Glass Bead: 3ft deep * 4ft wide * 3 ft tall
  • Plastic Bead: 3ft deep * 4ft wide * 3ft tall

All components to be media blasted must be less than 80 pounds as they have to be movable by hand in the blasting cabinets.