TMZ Performance rebuilds the following Toyota transmissions:

  • 2000-2005 Toyota Celica GT/GTS 5-speed (C56) and 6-speed (C60) Manual Transmissions
  • Toyota R154 and W58 Toyota Supra/Soarer/Chaser 5-speed transmissions

Transmission Rebuild Labor Cost is $650.00 + cost of parts required for rebuild.  Stock rebuilds start around the $1300 range with labor, and “Built” rebuilds start around the $2300 range.

We can supply parts for these transmission rebuilds from Drift Motion, Marlin Crawler, and OEM Toyota.

These are built to customer needs instead of staged rebuilds.  We do not stock cores of these transmissions; you must ship your transmission in for services to be completed.

**Please note that additional time will be required for shipping and processing of parts for cryo-treatment, REM isotropic super-finishing and shot-peening services, as well as receiving Special Order parts or parts from other manufacturers.

All shipping costs are additional.  WI sales tax rate is 5.1% for in-state sales. Return shipping costs typically are $135.00-$150.00 for insured FedEx Ground shipping, packaging and materials.  All Paypal or Credit Card purchases have an additional 3% fee to the total shipped price to cover associated costs of the service.