South Bend Clutches Listed here have several different pressure plate and clutch disk friction options available.  Here is a quick rundown of the notations for each pressure plate and friction material:

Pressure plate type:

  • HD-Series (1900#)
  • SS-Series (2200#)
  • Custom SS-X Series (2700#)

Disk type:

  • O-Series Organic
  • TZ-Series full Kevlar
  • OFE-Series Organic / Feramic dual friction
  • TZ/FE-Series Kevlar / Feramic dual friction
  • TZ/B-Series Kevlar / Ceramic dual friction
  • B-Series full Ceramic
  • DXD-B Series Ceramic 6-puck
  • DXD-F Series Feramic 6-puck

Hub type:

  • Sprung Hub
  • Solid Hub