TMZ Performance 2G DSM Rear Drag / Street Brake Kit



Product Description

Part Number: TMZ-2GDSM-Rear-Brake-Kit


Quantity: 1 Set of Rear Brakes (Bracketry, Rotors/Hats, Calipers, Pads, Brake Lines)

This is the same rear brake kit found on the 7-Second 215+mph Red Demon of Boostin Performance, and our own 1000AWHP street car.  The kit was designed for street usage and drag racing usage to stop the car safely without a parachute above 150mph.  The brake kit has had street and track usage on our vehicle since 2010, and on the Red Demon since 2012 and have performed flawlessly!

The brake kit consists of:

Wilwood Billet Dynapro 4-piston calipers 1.00″ diameter pistons (120-9706) – 3.8# weight each
Custom machined Wilwood rotor hats – 2.0# weight each
11.75″x 0.81″ Rotors (rotor options available – see pictures and drop down options)
Wilwood Polymatrix E-Pads (pad options available by request) – 7812 style pads (15E-9837K)
Russel -3AN to M10x1.0 hard line adapters
-3AN to 1/8″ NPT male/male adaptor fittings
2G specific brake lines
Drilled/safety-wired Grade 5 Steel fasteners Standard, Optional Stainless Steel Bolts or Titanium Bolts and Washers at additional cost.
Custom TMZ Performance brake caliper bracketry
Grade 10.9 Mounting Fasteners

Rotor Weights:
Standard Vented UL-32 Rotor = 8.0#
Pillar Vane Slotted Rotor = 8.1#
Vented Drilled Rotor = 7.2#
Scalloped Rotor = 5.6#
Scalloped Drilled Rotor = 5.0#

Fastener Weights:
Standard Grade 5 Steel Drilled Hex Head Bolts = 11oz
Socket Head Grade 5 Steel Drilled Socket Cap Bolts (available, not shown in options) = 9.5oz
18-8 70K SI Stainless Steel Hex Head Bolts = 10.4oz
Ti6Al4V 140K SI (TI64 Grade 5) Titanium Fasteners = ~4oz


  • Lighter components, more brake rotor surface area, stronger braking.
  • Rear brakes unsprung rotating mass changed (per side):
    Old = 9#7oz (10.3″ solid rotor)
    New= 7#3oz (11.75″ vented scalloped drilled rotor and hat, safety wire and standard Grade 5 Steel hardware)
    *Difference is 2#4oz per rear corner, resulting in a decrease of 4#8oz of unsprung rotating mass changed with brake rotor upgrade. = ~45# sprung mass.
  • Rear brakes unsprung mass changed (per side):
    Old = 21#2oz (ebrake pads, spacer, bracket, caliper, pads, speed sensor, hardware removed)
    New = 5#2oz (bracket, caliper, pads)
    *Difference is 16# per corner, resulting in a decrease of 32# of unsprung mass changed with brake caliper/pad upgrade. = ~128# sprung mass.
  • Rear moment of inertia (MOI) difference (rotors only)=
    Old = 119 lb-in^2
    New = 124 lb-in^2
    *Increase of 5 lb-in^2 MOI for an increase of rear rotor diameter from 10.25″x 0.35″ to 11.75″x 0.81″ with a weight reduction of 1#13oz per corner.

***Effectively removing the equivalent of 173 pounds of sprung mass!!

Installation Notes:

  • Removal of rear wheel bearing assemblies required to remove factory E-brake assembly and dust shields; the caliper bracket is fitted in between the spindle and the wheel bearing assembly and the factory wheel bearing bolts are reused (MB844529 x8).  All E-brake components are removed for the installation of this kit.
  • Clearancing of spindle and caliper bracket required to fit DSS Stage #5 rear axle assemblies with a die grinder.

***Using Scalloped, Drilled, Vented 11.75″ x 0.81″ brake rotor kit


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 6 in
Choose Rotor Type

Standard Vented Rotor, Vented Slotted Rotor, Vented Drilled Rotor, Lightweight Vented Scalloped Rotor, Ultra-Lightweight Vented Scalloped and Drilled Rotor

Choose Fastener Type

6-Point Grade 5 Steel SAE 5/16" x 1", 6-Point Stainless Steel SAE 5/16" x 1", 6-Point 140Ksi Ti64 Titanium w/ Titanium Washers

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