South Bend Clutch – Kits for Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 and Dodge Stealth R/T TT 6G72TT/6G74 Platforms



Product Description

Pricing updated 06/07/2021.

South Bend Clutch Kits for the 6G72TT / 6G74 Applications:

Options in Drop Down Menu:

SS-Series Pressure Plate = 2200# Clamping Force
SS-X Series Custom Pressure Plate = 2700# Clamping Force

O-Series Clutch Disk = Full Face, Sprung Hub, Organic Clutch Disk
TZ-Series Clutch Disk = Full Face, Sprung Hub, Kevlar Clutch Disk
TZ/B-Series Clutch Disk = Full-Face, Sprung Hub, Kevlar/Segmented Ceramic Dual Friction Clutch Disk
B-Series Custom Clutch Disk = Full Face, Sprung Hub, Segmented Ceramic Clutch Disk
DXD-B Clutch Disk = 6-Puck Ceramic Race Clutch Disk


K05075SSO – SS Full Face Organic – Rated for 525TQ – Ideal for street usage, little drag racing and medium temperatures, stock feel.
K05075SSTZ – SS Full Face Kevlar- Rated for 600TQ – Ideal for street/strip usage, little drag racing, long life, and stock feel.
K05075SSTZ/B – SS Dual Friction Kevlar/Ceramic – Rated for 650TQ – Ideal for street/strip, drag racing and high temperatures, stock feel.
K05075SSB – SS Full Face Ceramic – Rated for 700TQ – Ideal for street/strip and medium to high temperatures, smooth engagement.
K05075SSXB – SSX Full Face Ceramic – Rated for 775TQ – Ideal for drag racing and medium to high temperatures, smooth engagement.
K05075SSX DXDB – SSX 6-Puck Ceramic – Rated for 800+TQ – Ideal for drag racing and high temperatures, puck clutch engagement.

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The South Bend Clutch offerings listed above are our best sellers over the last 8 years, and have been tweaked and perfected to be the best overall choices based on drivers power levels and clutch needs while retaining extremely soft pedal feel and great clutch modulation while having high torque capacity.  With all of the FULL FACE KEVLAR DISKS, we recommend that you DO NOT USE a Fidanza aluminum flywheel because the replacement friction surface doesn’t play nice with high temperatures before it warps, and the Kevlar doesn’t do a great job of breaking in on the carbon steel friction surface.  With all of our clutch offerings, we recommend using a stock flywheel, or Competition Clutch (LINK) Chromoly Steel flywheel as the best options.  Clutch break-in mileage will vary based on driving patterns, but city driving (regular clutching / shifting while maintaining normal operating temperatures) will break in the clutch the fastest.  If you have little to no break-in time before you need to race, definitely go with the FULL CERAMIC B-SERIES CLUTCH DISK CHOICE!

Clutch Model Prefix: K05075


1991-1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 Twin Turbo AWD
1990-1996 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo AWD

Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 6 in
Pressure Plate Type

SS-Series 2200#, SS-X Series 2700#

Friction Material

O-Series Organic, TZ-Series Kevlar, TZ/B-Series Kevlar/Ceramic, B-Series Full Face Ceramic, DXD-B Series 6-Puck Ceramic