QM Gear-Drive HD 7.25″ Twin Clutch Disks Only (Replacement Parts) 266641RY, 266641RYM, 266663RY, 2366663RY1



Product Description

QM Gear-Drive HD Clutch Disks Only – Used with 7.25″ V-Drive Rally and 7.25″ Optimum-V twin disk clutch assemblies.

Choose your hub option:

*DSM (7/8″x 20-Spline)

*Evo 4-9 (1″x 23-Spline); Also used for PPG and PAR Dogboxes, along with 3000GT custom twin disk clutches.

Choose your friction material:

*Street Friction – Cerametallic material, 8 pads, solid hub disks.

*Race Friction – Ferametallic material, 6 pads, high temperature material, solid hub disks.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 in
Choose Hub Type

7/8"x20-Spline DSM, 1"x23-Spline Evo 8/9 / PPG Dogbox

Choose Friction Material

Street Friction, Race Friction

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