Mitsubishi Throttle Body Rebuild Services – 4G63 and 6G72 Engine – DSM / Evo 1-9 / 3000GT / GVR4



Product Description

If you are sending in a throttle body, please download / print, fill out, and send in this form with your parts.

Mitsubishi Throttle Body Rebuild Customer Information Sheet Template .pdf Download

  • We Specialize in rebuliding all 4G63 and 6G72 Mitsubishi throttle bodies including:
      • 1990 Non-Turbo 4G63 Eclipse/Talon/Laser
      • 1990 Turbo 4G63 Eclipse/Talon/Laser
      • 1991-1994 Non-Turbo 4G63 Eclipse/Talon/Laser
      • 1991-1994 Turbo 4G63 Eclipse/Talon/Laser
      • 1995-1999 Turbo 4G63 Eclipse/Talon
      • 1991-1999 6G72 Non-Turbo and Twin-Turbo 3000GT / Stealth 3SI Platform
      • 1992-2006 Turbo 4G63 Mitsubishi Evolution 1-9
      • 1987-1992 Turbo 4G63 Mitsubishi Galant VR4
  • If you are experiencing idle surge, boost leaks, RPMs ramping up or down, or are unable to control your idle due to worn out gaskets, seals or BISS screw, you are in need of a throttle body rebuild.
  • Send us your throttle body for a full service rebuild!  Be sure to include your sensors with the throttle body, and they will be tested for no extra charge!  Prices include priority mail shipping to U.S. addresses via USPS.

Each throttle body rebuild consists of the following steps and new parts:

  • The throttle body is fully disassembled and degreased.
  • The bare throttle body parts are then bead blasted using plastic or glass bead media to prevent etching of the throttle body shaft or bore.
  • The bore is precision cleaned and inspected.
  • The shaft is precision cleaned and inspected.
  • New heavy-duty high-pressure shaft seals are installed.
  • New Base Idle Set Screw (BISS), BISS O-ring and BISS screw cap installed.
  • New Fast Idle Air Valve (FIAV) waffle gasket installed.
  • FIAV fully disassembled and degreased.
  • New Idle Speed Controller (ISC) O-ring.
  • New ISC and TPS Sensor Fasteners.
  • Test all included sensors per factory specifications, and install any sensors supplied.
  • Include New Mitsubishi OEM inner and outer throttle body gaskets.


We have FIAV bypass and FIAV blockoff plates that can be installed with new Hex-Cap high-capacity black-oxide finish Steel fasteners – (optional upgrade for $30.00 for 1991-1999 DSM throttle bodies).


TMZ Performance currently has limited core throttle bodies in-stock.

We currently have core throttle bodies for the following models (WITHOUT SENSORS):

  • 1990 Turbo DSM
  • 1995-1999 Turbo DSM

All other models would require the customer to ship in their throttle body for rebuild services.

Please contact us at with any questions you may have about our services!

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 6 in
Choose Type of Throttle Body

1990 DSM 4G63 Non Turbo, 1990 DSM 4G63 Turbo, 1991-1994 DSM 4G63 Non Turbo, 1991-1994 DSM 4G63 Turbo, 1995-1999 DSM 4G63 Turbo, 1987-1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR4, Mitsubishi Evolution 1-3, Mitsubishi Evolution 4-7, Mitsubishi Evolution 8-9, 1991-1999 3000GT/Stealth 6G72 NA or Twin Turbo


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Make Model Year
Dodge Stealth FWD Non-Turbo 1990-1993
Dodge Stealth FWD Non-Turbo 1994-1996
Dodge Stealth AWD Twin Turbo 1990-1993
Dodge Stealth AWD Twin Turbo 1994-1996
Eagle Talon TSI 4G63T 1990
Eagle Talon TSI 4G63T 1991-1992 6-Bolt
Eagle Talon TSI 4G63T 1993-1994 7-Bolt
Eagle Talon TSI 4G63T 1995-1998 Turbo
Mitsubishi 3000GT / GTO 1991
Mitsubishi 3000GT / GTO 1992
Mitsubishi 3000GT / GTO 1993
Mitsubishi 3000GT / GTO 1994
Mitsubishi 3000GT / GTO 1995
Mitsubishi 3000GT / GTO 1996
Mitsubishi 3000GT / GTO 1997
Mitsubishi 3000GT / GTO 1998
Mitsubishi 3000GT / GTO 1999
Mitsubishi Eclipse 1989-1992 6-Bolt
Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 1991-1992
Mitsubishi Eclipse 1993-1994 7-Bolt
Mitsubishi Eclipse 1995-1999 Turbo
Mitsubishi Eclipse 2000-2005
Mitsubishi Evolution 1-3 1992-1995
Mitsubishi Evolution 4-6 1996-2000
Mitsubishi Evolution 7-9 5-speed 2001-2006
Mitsubishi Evolution 8-9 6-speed 2003-2006
Plymouth Laser 1990
Plymouth Laser 1991-1992 6-Bolt
Plymouth Laser 1993-1994 7-Bolt