Haltech IO 12 Expander Box B – CAN Based 12 Channel with Flying Lead Harness 2.5m and CAN Cable – HT-059905


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Product Description

Part Number: HT-059904
Suits: For use with Haltech Platinum Sport, Platinum PRO, Elite 750, Elite 1500, and Elite 2500 model ECU’s

Product Description:

The Haltech I/O Expander 12 Box B (HT-059903) allows the user the ability to increase the functionality of their Haltech ECU by using the Haltech CAN system which is fitted to all Platinum Series ECU’s, the I/O Expander 12 instantly makes available 12 additional user configurable inputs and outputs.  Simply plug in the CAN cable and start using your extra I/O.  Either plug directly into the ECU CAN interface, or use a CAN HUB interface to control multiple other devices.

Platinum Pro Plug-In, Elite 1500, and 2500 ECU’s can use up to TWO I/O Expander 12 units; Box A and Box B.  Be sure to get the proper box!

Box A = HT-059902 / Box B = HT-059903

• 4 x AVI – Analogue Voltage Inputs (0-5V)*1
• 4 x DPI – Digital Pulsed Inputs ( 0-5V – Max Freq 300Hz) *1
• 4 x DPO – Digital Pulsed Outputs (5V / 12V Pull ups – Max 1A) *1
• Broadcast rate of 20mS to the Haltech ECU for each channel.
• User definable “Safe State” for each output in case of loss of communications or error.
• Switchable pull up resistors on AVI channels for use with temperature sensors.
• Power and Status LED’s
• Powered by CAN bus. External power only required if DPO’s are to be used.
• Multiple I/O Expander Boxes can be used on certain Haltech ECU’s (Platinum Pro Plug-In / Elite 1500 / Elite 2500)

Power Requirements:
Source: 8.6 to 16.5 Volts DC
Consumption: 50mA @ 12Volts DC

Physical Dimensions:
• Length: 98mm
• Width: 64mm
• Height: 28mm

• ECU: 125g (0.28 lb)
• Harness: 630g (1.39 lb)

Haltech I/O Expander 12Kit Includes:
• Haltech I/O Expander 12 CAN direct connection cable (600mm)*2

Haltech I/O Expander 12 Specifications
Haltech I/O Expander 12 Quick Start Guide
Haltech I/O Expander 12 Downloads


Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in

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