FWD DSM F5M33 Front Differential Tapered Roller Bearing (x1) MD710663

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Product Description

Front differential tapered roller bearing for the Mitsubishi F5M33 FWD 5-speed transmission.  This bearing will fit all OEM and aftermarket FWD model front differentials for this transmission.

This item is for ONE (x1) roller bearing, you will need TWO (x2) bearings to have enough to install on ONE (x1) differential.

This tapered roller bearing is not for use with W5M33 AWD OEM or aftermarket AWD model front differentials.  This bearing can be used in the AWD transmission case ONLY WITH a FWD front differential.

Again, if you are ordering an aftermarket differential, such as a Quaife LSD Differential, you will need TWO (x2) bearings to do the assembly.

You will also need the front differential speedometer drive gear for complete installation of an aftermarket differential.  The product is linked below.

This bearing is also used with the TRE Ninja Evo clutch type rear differential upgraded housing cover.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in


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