TMZ DSM/3SI FWD/AWD Front Differential Speedometer Ring Gear – MD717879


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Product Description

THIS PART IS IN STOCK!! The new batch was received 01/11/2024.


The OEM part number (MD717879) discontinued so I have manufactured my own.

This is the ring gear required for installation on any aftermarket front differential for the Mitsubishi platform transmissions including:

  • W5M33 AWD 5-Speed Transmissions
  • F5M33 FWD 5-Speed Transmissions
  • F5M42 FWD 5-Speed Transmission (3rd gen Eclipse 2.4L) Quaife QDH7BR
  • W5MG1 AWD 5-Speed Getrag Transmissions
  • W6MG1 AWD 6-Speed Getrag Transmissions
  • W4A33 AWD Automatic Transmissions
  • F4A33 FWD Automatic Transmissions
  • F5M22 FWD 5-Speed Transmissions
  • F5M31 FWD 5-Speed Transmissions
  • KM206, KM208, KM210, KM212 FWD 5-Speed Transmissions

Applications include:

*Quaife QDH8B (25 spline AWD /early FWD)

*Quaife QDH7B (27 spline FWD)

*Quaife QDH7BR (27 spline FWD, F5M42 Transmission Reverse Rotation)

*Quaife QDH16B (3000GT)

*KAAZ DBM2010 (25 spline AWD / early FWD)

*Cusco LSD 134A (25 spline AWD / early FWD)

It is not used in a stock transmission unless you are installing an aftermarket LSD front differential. It is heated up and dropped on, or press-fitted onto the differential housing. The stock open differential has it cast into the housing and is not removable.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in

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