DSM 90-92.5 Style 3rd/4th Hub and Slider Assembly – MD747638


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Product Description

This is for 1x MD747638 3rd / 4th DSM hub and slider assembly that fits 1989-1992.5 style gearsets using a 2-hole 3rd/4th shift fork and small diameter synchros.  This does not fit 1992.6-1999 style large diameter synchro gearsets that also use the 3-hole 3rd/4th shift fork.  Fits FWD F5M33 and AWD W5M33 transmissions using 1990-1992.6 style 3rd/4th gearset.  Will fit MD747255 Evo 2-3 style double synchros, and can be used with Evo 2-3 double synchro 3rd/4th gearset.

This MD747638 hub and slider assembly includes:

  • 1x 3rd/4th hub and slider
  • 2x MD744782 small diameter OEM synchros for 3rd/4th gears
  • 3x MD748663 synchro keys

DOES NOT INCLUDE SPRINGS – This hub and slider uses MD738050 or MD742441 style small diameter springs (x2) that can be purchased separately (please email if you need them).

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in