Deatschwerks DV2 1500cc High-Z Fuel Injectors (x4) for Evo X


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Product Description

Part Number: 16m-10-1500-4

Set of 4 Version 2 1500cc High Impedance Stainless Steel Injectors for Mitsubishi Evo X 4B11T 2008-2015

Bosch EV14 Version 2 1500cc High Impedence Fuel Injectors ONLY, you will need the Jetronic/EV1/Minimeter adapter harness plug pigtails (purchased seperately), and delete the factory fuel injector resistor pack or purchase a delete plug.

Adaptor plug pigtails part number: DW-conn-jetronic

FIC Sells an injector resistor pack delete plug part number: PLRESBOX

The DV2 advantage…

  • Bosch EV14 technology-widely regarded as the gold standard in EFI.
  • Flow matched with our exclusive multi-point dynamic flow testing.
  • Stainless Steel internals for compatibility with race fuels including MTBE-oxygenated fuels, ethanol blended fuels (including e85) and methanol blended fuels.

3-year comprehensive warranty


Fuel Pressure Range: 40-100 psi

Minimum Pulse Width: 1.1 ms

Maximum Duty Cycle: 94%

Coil Impedance: 8.5 ohm

Injector Type: Bosch EV14 (compact)

Connector Type: Jetronic / minitimer

  • Specifications
  • Coil Resistance:  High Impedance
  • Dead Time  0.45ms @14Volts
  • Static Flow Rate: 1530cc @ 43.5psi / 3bar
  • Static Flow Rate: 1790cc @ 58psi / 4bar
  • Static Flow Rate: 2060cc @ 72.5psi / 5bar
  • 16m-XX-1500-X
  • 43psi / 58psi / 70psi
  • 8 V 2.19 / 2.66 / 3.34
  • 10 V 1.60 / 1.92 / 2.36
  • 12 V 1.14 / 1.35 / 1.62
  • 14 V .80/ .93 / 1.12
  • 16 V .59 / .67 / .86

DV2 is an acronym for DeatschWerks Version 2.  DV2 fuel injectors represent the highest level of quality, technology, and innovation in the DeatschWerks fuel injector line up.  The purpose of DV2 technology is to provide the highest flow rate, fastest response time, and broadest fuel compatibility.  Other lines of DW injectors may share some of the same features, but only DV2 injectors include the entire package of technologies outlined within this white paper.


DV2 injectors incorporate Bosch EV14 fuel injector technology.  EV14 is the most advanced EFI injector technology available from Bosch.  EV14 features include low mass injection valves, high energy coils, precise ball and seat sealing surfaces, compact housings, and stainless steel internals.

Fuel Compatibility

Special attention to both design and materials has resulted in a line of injectors that are compatible with many of the most popular fuels.  All DV2 injectors are compatible with a broad range of fuel types including ethyl alcohol (ethanol), methyl alcohol (methanol), leaded fuels, and MTBE oxygenated fuels such as Q16.

– Stainless Steel Internals – All DV2 injectors are manufactured using stainless steel internals.  Stainless steel is used in the valve needle, valve ball, and valve seat.

– Injection Valve Design – The ball-seat design of the DV2 injector valve reduces the risk of clogging from ethanol-induced precipitates.  Other injection valve designs rely on angular sealing surfaces.  The round shape of the ball-seat design is inherently more resistant to clogging.

– Internal Metering – Multi-orifice metering plates are more susceptible to ethanol-induced precipitates and have been eliminated in the DV2 injectors.  All fuel-metering functions are contained within the design of the ball-seat injection valve itself.

Fast Response Optimization

The importance of injector response time increases rapidly when static flow rates exceed 1000cc/min.  This is due to the extremely short opening times required for a very large injector to provide a very small amount of fuel.  It is imperative that these opening times are fast, accurate, and precise.  DV2 injectors employ 2 different strategies for fast response optimization.

  • Low Mass Injection Valves – The injection valve needle is the internal moving part of the EFI injector.  The valve needle has to lift off of the valve seat to deliver fuel.  The smaller the mass of the needle assembly, the faster the injector can open and deliver fuel.  Decreasing the mass of the valve needle assembly is a very effective method of increasing the response of the injector.
  • High Energy Coils –The coil of the injector is what provides the energy to lift the valve needle off of the valve seat and deliver fuel.  Higher energy coils can open the injector faster and more precisely.  In general, lower impedance coils deliver more energy.  While all DV2 injectors operate on high impedance (saturated) injector drivers, the impedance of the coils themselves is reduced to increase lifting energy.

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