Competition Clutch Street Chromoly Steel Flywheels for 4G63T (DSM, GVR4, Evo 1-3)



Product Description

Part Numbers:

2-735-1ST = 6-Bolt AWD

2-735-2ST = 6-Bolt FWD

2-735-3ST = 7-Bolt AWD

2-735-4ST = 7-Bolt FWD

Competition Clutch Street flywheels are considerably lighter than stock and are more durable than stock flywheels or aluminum flywheels with steel friction inserts.  These flywheels are made from 4140 Alloy stamped Steel and then are machined down to proper tolerances. Materials are properly distributed for maximum strength, lower inertia, good heat tolerance and rigidity. Competition Clutch Street flywheels are preferred for street or drag racing. These flywheels are serviceable and can be resurfaced with no need to purchase additional parts.  Standard weight on these are approximately 12 pounds.

These flywheels are highly recommended for use with the single disk clutch kits we offer!

If you are going to be using this flywheel with a Kevlar material clutch disk (SBC TZ-Series clutch kit), we recommend that the flywheel friction surface be media blasted to increase surface porosity and help with the break-in process of the Kevlar material.  This helps reduce break-in duration as well as it helps keep the Kevlar material bedded under repeated launches.  If you are using any other material (Organic, Feramic, Ceramic, Sintered Iron, etc.), the media blasting is not necessary.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 6 in


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