Competition Clutch Forged Steel Clutch Fork – 4G63 DSM, Evo 1-3 and GVR4 Applications (F5M33 / W5M33 Transmissions) – FRK-5048


Product Description

Part Number: FRK-5048

Tired of bending, warping or breaking your clutch fork?  Sick of having to replace the entire fork due to damaging the pivot ball clip?  Well, Competition Clutch has finally produced a solution that solves these problems!  Competition Clutch is now offering a forged steel clutch fork for the 4G63 DSM application that utilizes the stock style clutch fork pivot ball, throwout bearing clip, throwout bearing, and overall fork dimensions at a reasonable price!  The clutch fork pivot ball clip is a replacable part so you can simply get a new clip and keep running the same fork if you damage the clip.

The other benefit to this clutch fork is that it requires NO GRINDING to clear the Quarter Master twin-disk clutch assembly so you don’t lose any strength and don’t have to flip the clutch cover bolts to clear the fork!  The two pictures above show the clutch fork in relation to the clutch cover fasteners on a Quarter Master 7.25″ V-Drive Rally twin-disk clutch assembly for reference.  You can also use an OEM or the supplied clutch fork pivot ball with this clutch fork.  This is the same clutch fork being used in my race car with the Quarter Master Gear-Drive twin disk assembly.

Each Clutch Fork includes the fork, pivot ball clip and pivot ball

Be Sure to REMOVE the plastic washer on the pivot ball prior to installation and install the pivot ball!


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 2 in

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